Monthly Archives: August 2015

Error Rates in Healthcare Are Staggering

Imagine if your controller told you that based on a statistically valid sample of your company’s paid invoices that the “improper payment rate” was 12.7%. This is exactly what the finding is for the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for payments made for healthcare claims during their 2014 fiscal year, based on approximately Read More

Boeing negotiates directly with more health systems

Airplane manufacturer Boeing Co. will soon offer more employees the option of health benefits negotiated directly with local health systems. The employer, skilled in the art of negotiations, first used the strategy last year in Seattle to better control healthcare costs. Boeing added direct contracts with Roper St. Francis Health Alliance in Charleston, S.C., one Read More

“Dark Secrets” of Healthcare Costing

This is definitely one of those “dark secrets” of healthcare costing, that the amount billed for the very same surgery varies widely across providers, with little correlation to the medical value received by the patient or the quality of care. While the cost of a total knee replacement averaged about $31,000 in 64 markets where Blue Read More