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Five Contract Negotiation “Asks” For Your Upcoming TPA Renewal

By Jim Arnold CEO & Founder of finHealth Negotiating that contract with your third-party administrator (TPA) can be tricky. Self-insured employers typically hire a third-party administrator (TPA) to process claims. While outsourcing your claims to a TPA is advisable, employers must provide a strong level of oversight as the financial risk of your plan is Read More

10 Healthcare Best Practices for Self-Insured Employers

By Jim Arnold CEO & Founder of finHealth As a self-insured employer, you owe a strict fiduciary duty to your employees and their families to act in their best interest in the management and oversight of your organization’s health plan. Add to that the complexity of running a $10 million, $50 million or even $100 Read More

What Are Full Medical Records, And Why Are They Critical?

By Jim Arnold CEO & Founder of finHealth “Medical Records” refer to the underlying physical documents that support each healthcare encounter and reimbursement. Outside of healthcare, any good or service acquired by an organization would be supported by physical documents such as a purchase order, a receiving report and an invoice. In verifying goods and Read More

Are Errors / Excessive Charges Occurring Within My Health Plan?

By Jim Arnold CEO & Founder of finHealth In evaluating claim expenditures for large self-insured employers, we often find that errors are made in processing healthcare claims. These “black & white” errors include exceptions such as duplicate payments, medical coding errors, age / gender conflicts, services billed not rendered, payment for non-covered services, improper diagnosis, Read More