finHealth Valuelytics 3.0

By Jim Arnold CEO & Founder of finHealth

We are excited to announce the release of finHealth Valuelytics 3.0. Our new software release incorporates powerful new geography capabilities to continuously improve network provider management, drive value-based care and for self-insured employers, integrate strong monitoring and tracking over their direct contracting relationships with health systems. Our flagship solution previously went under the moniker finHealth Navigator, but our new product name more fully captures finHealth’s mission to increase health value for employees and their families by “driving high quality care at a fair price”. finHealth is best known for our real-time error detection and web-based healthcare data analytics prowess.

Other enhanced features within this release include infographics that advise Benefits leaders of the top opportunities to drive lower cost while simultaneously improving the quality of care. We are able to highlight those providers in your current network that are not meeting key quality metrics in critical areas such as safety, mortality, readmissions and patient experience (as measured by Medicare), as well as those that consistently charge your member populations excessive costs versus peer hospitals. Additionally, we have augmented our ability to assist those most vulnerable patients in your member population that are experiencing potentially avoidable adverse episodes of care. Please reach out to us to explore our no-cost proof-of-concept using your historical claims data. We are confident that our initial findings will build a substantial financial business case for real-time error detection and healthcare analytics, and we offer a performance guarantee as well to back up that commitment. Please reach out to Jim Arnold, Founder & CEO, at 843-790-8855 for more information, or email him at