Kathy Kovach

Kathy Kovach joined our advisory board in April 2018. Kathy brings over 25 years of administrative and leadership experience from VF Corporation. VF is one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies, comprised of over 30 brands, 64,000 employees globally and over $12 billion in annual revenue. VF brands include North Face, Lee, Wrangler, Timberland, Vans and a host of other iconic brands. Kathy is a dynamic, creative and decisive leader with a passion for data driven results and will help us successfully represent the voice of the customer for finHealth.

As Senior Director of Employee Benefits at VF, Kathy served as a strategic business partner for over 10 years in that role. She was instrumental in developing the long-term critical direction for all employee benefit plans and programs with a focus on minimizing both employee and company cost. Prior to her role in HR, Kathy worked 10+ years in auditing, accounting and finance enabling her to combine innovative thinking with sound analysis in making decisions that support business priorities, vital initiatives and cost stability. At VF, Kathy implemented numerous initiatives and programs that allowed VF to control healthcare spend by keeping premiums, employee contributions and cost sharing provisions at or below national trend for the last 10 years. Kathy developed the overall ‘health culture’ of the Company by introducing new plans and health management tools to enable and reward employee engagement including wellness incentive and coaching programs, disease management programs and telemedicine.